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LED Ceramic Back flow Dragon Smoke Incense Burner

LED Ceramic Back flow Dragon Smoke Incense Burner

LED Ceramic Back flow Dragon Smoke Incense Burner

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Dragon is a divine creature living in the sea in ancient myths and legends of East Asian countries such as China. It is the leader of creatures: dragon controls the clouds and rains, dragon is the ruler of wind and rain... Therefore, dragon is usually symbolized of auspiciousness. It also is the symbol of power, nobility, and honor, as well as a symbol of luck and success.

The cognition of "flying dragon in the sky" is related to the ancient astrological culture and originated from the dragon totem worship in ancient times. The ancients believed that the "dragon" was a lucky and powerful ruler of weather and rain. The flying dragon in the sky, also metaphors that everything is in their heyday.

Usually, you will find craft ornaments with dragon elements, a large bead will appear at the same time. The reason is that from the Han Dynasty in history, dragon play with beads has become a kind of auspicious and festive decorative patterns. Pure Layouts add a built-in LED function to this flaying dragon incense burner. When the incense is ignited and set on the top of incense holder, the back flow smoke pouring down like a waterfall surrounds the luminous beads, the changing color of the LED lights makes the entire incense burner more artistic and fantastic.

Quickly Find Your Peace of Mind

People enjoy incense more than just light up incense to smell fragrance, incense is used as a relaxing behavior: along with leisurely burning incense, you can enjoy meditation, yoga, and reading at the same time. In many cases, the flowing waterfall smog is really a pleasing viewing object, which can quickly enable you to find the peace of mind from the hustle and bustle world. So as to achieve decompression, relaxation and promote sleep.

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