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Wooden LED Projection Night Lamp

Wooden LED Projection Night Lamp

Wooden LED Projection Night Lamp

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 The Wooden Hollow LED Projection Night Lamp! This beautiful lamp is perfect for creating a relaxing, zen atmosphere in your home. The colorful projections and intricate wood carving make it a truly unique piece of decor. The projection night lamp is also great for setting the mood on holidays or special occasions

The 3D LED lights are different from traditional incandescent lights. They can project colorful ball lights with 3D effects, cut prism rings, and bring gorgeous visual effects to your home, party and wedding, instant full of color and brightness.

This lamp uses a USB power supply line, so you can supply power without being restricted by the socket. You can use your own adapter for power supply or plug into the usb interface, or you can supply power through a computer.

Such a beautiful illumination effect is very suitable to be placed in a corner (so that you can see a better illumination effect from multiple walls), it can also be placed in a tent or bedside table.


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